Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The brains of men and women change with circumstances; how any why it is important to understand.

The brains of women undergo dramatic changes at the various major events in a woman's life and I don't just mean pregnancy. In fact the biochemical soup in which women operate transforms them many times in their lives. How and why and what the consequences are is worth examining.
This is Louann Brizendine's book on the female brain.  She is a good writer and although she gives you the science, she also gives you anecdote. So the book is often amusing and sometimes funny.  But you really do get to understand the why.

This is Louann Brizendine's companion volume The Male Brain. The male brain exists in a different biochemical soup. There are fewer wholesale changes in the structure of the male brain but there are changes. How and why the male brain changes is also worth examining. Also the difference between boys and girls comes down to the difference in the biochemistry of the male brain. Again the book is skillfully written with the science explained but illustrated with anecdote which is often funny.

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