Monday, 10 March 2014

The Five Languages of Love

Although many people are aware of the 5 languages of love, thus really should be part of popular culture.  The more people who understand this and can apply it, the happier people will be.  Here is a little 6 min video about it.

These 5 love languages were discovered by Dr Gary Chapman who as a therapist discovered that people would complain that they were never loved, despite the practicalities of the relationship.  He realized that they were unaware that the other party was speaking a different love language.

Here is an interview with Gary Chapman about his 5 love languages:
And here is a link to his website:

We are all simple beings and we all work with one love language but we can all learn to speak another.  The love language we need to learn is that of our partner.
This is his book in audio form: