Friday, 26 September 2014

The power of love must overcome the love of power.

Power is interesting. Evil power comes from the barrel of a gun, or the point of a knife or the strength of a chain etc. Which is to say it comes from physical aspects of the world that only exist because people believe in them and their power when applied. That belief in the power of the physical world is an application of intent. That intent is shared both by the person threatening and the person or people under threat.

The power of love works differently. No belief in the physical world is necessary, love is independent of the physical world in the sense that it does not need the physical world to be such and such and so and so. Instead love comes from the heart chakra and is sent to whoever you intend to send it to. You can send love to anyone.

Evil needs the disposition of forces in the world. This requirement to maintain the world of things takes energy and power. In fact a lot of the energy of evil goes into this necessary disposition of forces.

This is why love is more powerful than evil. Love does not need to waste energy on the disposition of forces. Love is just itself. You can send love from your heart chakra to anyone, whatever their physical situation.

Also like any muscle, the more you pump the heart chakra, the more you can pump the heart chakra. The more you love, the more you can love.

In war situation the Christian bishops should organise continuous love services in their churches where people pray and send love to the participants. Other religions should organise their flocks similarly.

In most conflicts around the world, only a few hundred people are maintaining all the hate that is necessary for that conflict. So a few hundred people sending love to the participants can trump the hate merchants and bring peace to the world. Love must be organised though, people must work together.

Here is one website where that organisation is made possible.