Thursday, 24 October 2013

Why Long Hair and Long Beards should be normal for all men

It was discovered in the Vietnam War that Indian trackers used by the US army became non-functional when they were given the regulation hair cut by the US military.  Eventually they recruited more trackers and let these guys keep their hair and beards.  These trackers who kept their hair and beards were functional as trackers for the US army.

The history of these events is given in this website:

The great Fructose scandal in Europe

The European Food and Safety Agency has decided to recommend fructose on the basis that it has a lower glycemic index than glucose but fructose has been shown to be seriously damaging to human health.

Here is a link to an article that explains the science and shows how this is a potentially catastrophic mistake by the EFSA.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Moral Integrity in the context of the leaking of offical secrets etc.

Moral Integrity is real and essential to the proper operation of society. This moral integrity is lost in organisations whether they be offical government organisations or commercial organisations. How this happens is demonstrated and discussed in the book “Moral Mazes” by Robert Jackall.
 But the result is that moral perspective is gradually lost the higher one rises in such an organisation. What happens is that within organisations an organisation-centric code of behaviour replaces moral integrity.

This process is well discussed in this excellent New York Times blog by Peter Ludlow

As a society, we need to become aware of how and why people working in organisations lose their moral compass and be sensitive to the difference between their perspective and the real moral compass that everyone outside of such an organisation has.

Here is an example of organisation thinking:

Where is your thinking ?

And another thing.  People also lose their moral sense when they are part of a crowd.  The crowd dynamic takes them over and people become capable of doing evil things that they would never have done without the presence of the crowd modifying their morality.  Who then in a crowd is capable of retaining a proper moral compass?  Well look at this example.  The only person in the crowd who retained her proper moral compass was the youngest person in the crowd: