Sunday, 26 October 2014

Men and Women together

Here I present the intuitive understanding of Théun Mares. But first I should speak about him, he was born in 1952 and died in 2011. He was genuinely a very intuitive guy in his search for the truth about the world we live in. The way to approach this type of intuitive material is to ask yourself the question; “Does it feel right ?”. To me, on the subject of men and women together, his work does feel right.

See the Yin-Yang symbol:

Each man has his internal femininity, whether you choose to take that as the dark spot in the white or the white spot in the dark does not matter. Similarly, each woman has her internal masculinity.
What this is ultimately about is the man understanding himself, because to understand his internal femininity he must find a representative of that femininity he can observe in the real world.
It is exactly the same for the woman. She seeks a man who represents as closely as he can her internal masculinity. Again she seeks to understand herself by observing that representative of her masculinity being active in the real world.
But there is a second thing happening beyond this search for understanding the self. That is because we live in a world of doing. So the woman seeks a man whose purpose she can support. So the man and his purpose provide the woman with a context within which and to which she can provide the support of her femininity.
The man's purpose may be only to raise a family in peace and security. He may devote himself to building a business. In fact, there are numerous possibilities. But the woman must find a guy whose purpose she can commit to.
Marriages break down when the man can no longer sustain his purpose, whatever it may have been. That is because the woman did not marry a man, she married a man with a purpose. If he can't carry that purpose any more, she will find a man with a similar purpose who can carry it.

Obviously, all I have done here is to provide a kind of summary of Théun Mares's intuitions. If you want to refer to the original material, here are links to his two books on the subject.